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January 8, 2013
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Ranger NPC Application by ShoelessCosmonaut Ranger NPC Application by ShoelessCosmonaut
Updated NPC app for those who have badges or pokemon to add. You are not required to switch to this NPC app if you're not trying for badges or adding team mates.

Ranger Guild

:bulletgreen: Faction Leader: Ibb

:bulletgreen: Faction Pokemon: Flying, Grass, Water, Ground

:bulletgreen: Following: Prince Einarr

:bulletgreen: Summary: Nature is cunning, but Rangers know her ways. Skilled in the art of hunting and survival, this guild welcomes all who make the wilderness their home.

General Application Guidelines:

:bulletblack: Pure Normal types (read: pokemon without a second type) are available to all factions.

:bulletblack: Include in the artist comments the following information:


:bulletblack: You're also free to include information on each individual pokemon if you choose.

:bulletblack: NPC applicants are limited to three pokemon, but will have the opportunity to switch their roster during the course of the tournament.

:bulletblack: Only one of your pokemon may be fully evolved initially. You aren't required to have a fully evolved pokemon, but you are restricted to just the one for now. The other pokemon may be partially evolved, Example: Vensaur + 2 Ivysaur is a valid team.

:bulletblack: When you're finished both the application submit it to the NPC folder.

:bulletblack: Please read over the Rules/FAQs: [link]
madgenius2013 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Could one that was once a competitor in another faction switch to this one as an NPC?
PantherHardraag Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Student General Artist
Hey shoe can i still make an npc? for the stuff? cause if i can't thats okay too. Just wondering
~~Panther Hardraag
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